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Vehicle Maintenance Management: Mowing down your vehicle expenses

August 24, 2016 by Arpana Nair


Running a successful landscaping business means understanding the specific requirements of certain materials, products and plants. You need to have an in-depth understanding of how they will perform in different situations. You also need to into account the weather - and all sorts of environmental factors - on a daily basis. 

In much the same way, to be successful in the landscaping game, you also need high quality vehicle maintenance management. 

By tracking underlying use patterns for your vehicles, identifying how seasonal conditions can impact maintenance costs, and ensuring that your vehicle issues don’t prevent drivers from reaching customers, you can save precious time and money. 

With maintenance management software such as Fleetmatics REVEAL, for instance, you can identify if your staff members are driving their company vans or utes in a harsh or aggressive way that puts extra strain on your tires and brakes. The system can send you an alert when a driver is driving poorly.

With this awareness, you can rapidly rectify inefficient driving habits, and reduce wear and tear - considerably reducing your overall fleet maintenance requirements.  

You can also put in place a vehicle maintenance log, or schedule, that is based on the demands on a vehicle rather than simply its time in the field. This is achieved by tracking use patterns for individual vehicles, such as their last oil change. It means that you’re not removing vehicles from the field for vehicle maintenance unnecessarily. 

In addition, you’re helping to ensure that your vehicles are receiving the attention they need, when it’s needed - which can keep them performing optimally over time.  

Check out the Infographic, Vehicle Maintenance Costs Through Data Visibility, to learn more!