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Landscaping Software Helps Increase Profits

August 31, 2016 by Arpana Nair


The landscaping business is competitive and runs on tight margins. Your everyday expenses can be add up too quickly. To stay ahead, you need to ensure that your staff are consistently making the most of their time - especially when it comes to getting to and from job sites. Further, you need to ensure they are not driving your expenses up, nursing your bottom line.

Unless you have reliable and effective landscaping software in place, you’re somewhat in the dark when it comes to managing two of your largest and most ongoing expenses: fuel and labour.   

For instance, if one of your staff members is at a job site laying turf, how do you know that he or she isn’t sitting in your company vehicle over lunch with the engine running, wasting fuel (that you’re paying for!)? 

Or, if you have sent someone out to do some paving or masonry, are you completely certain that he or she won’t round up their hours when submitting a manual timesheet? 

Even a seemingly simple job can end up costing you far more than it needs to if your landscapers drive aggressively on the way to and from the job, take the wrong route, or use your company vehicle to run their personal errands on the way home. 

With GPS software in place, however, you can help reduce your fuel costs, reduce your labour costs, and reduce the amount of money coming out of your pocket at the end of every month. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL can help your landscaping business save money. Here’s how:

Only pay for hours that are worked 

Do your landscapers arrive to jobs on time? Or do they start later than they tell you? 

When they leave a  job early, do they mark this on their time sheet? Or do they put a normal finish time? 

If your business is still using manual timesheets and doesn’t have landscaping software in place, your profits are very much tied to the honesty of your staff. Are their hours accurate? How do you know? 

Fleet management software can help by automating time sheets, eliminating errors and falsification of hours, intentional or not. 

The time card reporting feature for landscaping businesses, helps verify start and finish times, and what they did throughout the day. 

Stop your vehicles being used after hours

When your landscapers take your company vans or ute’s home after-hours, you’re placing a great deal of trust in them, to not abusing them on weekends for personal use. 

But… would you know if they did? 

Unless you see them driving around on the weekends or their days off, there’s no real way of knowing if your company vehicles are being abused. And of course, any extra mileage wastes valuable fuel (that you are paying for) and places unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles, which can lead to costly maintenance. 

This is where gps tracking can help. With alerts and notifications, in near real time, when your vehicles are used for personal use, you can reduce wasted fuel and save money. 

Eliminate costly fuel card abuse

It can be very easy for your landscapers to use your company fuel card to fill up their personal car.  

With Fleetmatics REVEAL, however, you can work towards eliminating fuel card abuse. The fuel card integration feature can identify if the fuel pumped into a vehicle exceeds the tank of an assigned vehicle, and can even determine if your company van wasn’t even at the pump when the fuel card was used. 

So you can take control over your fuel cards and stop paying far more than you need to.

Reduce fuel-wasting driver habits

Cut fuel-wasting driver behaviour 
When travelling to and from jobs, the way in which your landscapers use company vehicles can have a big impact on how much fuel they use, and how much wear and tear they place on your vehicles. 

Excessive idling, for instance, and quick acceleration, can both waste significant amounts of fuel (that you’re paying for). 

If one of your landscapers chooses to sit in the van with the engine running and the air-conditioning going during their lunch break, this wastes valuable fuel. Similarly, if they consistently accelerate too quickly and brake too heavily, they will be consuming much more fuel than they need to be. 

With Fleetmatics REVEAL, however, you can get near real time alerts and notifications when these incidents occur. So you can keep track of how your vehicles are being driven, and eliminate habits that lead to you paying far more than you should. 

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