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How to Eliminate Dangerous Driving

August 24, 2016 by Arpana Nair


As well as being dangerous and potentially harmful, reckless driving also wastes fuel, impacting your bottom line. 

When your drivers speed, for instance, they risk incurring speeding fines or causing accidents. However, their dangerous driving also places considerable (and unnecessary) wear and tear on your vehicles. 

With a GPS fleet management system like Fleetmatics REVEAL, however, your driver can get real-time alerts and notifications when speeding or aggressive driving occurs, helping you eliminating the problem as it happens. 

Drivers who are fatigued - particularly at the end of a long day - can also be a hazard on the roads. As such, it’s important to ensure they’re only driving when rested and capable, and that jobs aren’t running overtime or taking far longer than they need to. 

For better driver safety, and to protect your bottom line, a company vehicle policy regarding safe driving can be useful. 

Check out the Infographic for more tips on how to reduce dangerous driving and improve safety in your business.