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GPS Tracking For Towing Companies

August 31, 2016 by Arpana Nair


The towing industry is fast-paced and competitive, with tight margins. 

If you operate a fleet of tow-trucks, you face a wide range of potentially uncontrollable and unpredictable costs that can impact your bottom line. 

To get an edge on your competitors, you need information about how effectively your business is operating on a day-to-day basis. 

You need to know how your individual drivers are performing when they’re out representing your business, and how honest they are when it comes to submitting their timesheets.   

Unless you have a reliable GPS tracking system in place, you’re somewhat in the dark when it comes to managing two of your largest and most ongoing expenses: fuel and staff.   

For instance, when you’re operating an entire team of tow-trucks, how do you know that your drivers aren’t rounding up the hours they worked when it comes to submitting their handwritten timesheets? 

Are you simply relying on your drivers’ honesty when it comes to your payroll costs every month? And also, are you potentially wasting fuel by dispatching jobs to the farthest driver, instead of the one who is closest to an incident? How much fuel is this wasting? 

The costs associated with running a towing business can quickly add up. GPS tracking for towing businesses can help reduce fuel costs, reduce labour costs, and put more money into your pocket at the end of every month.

Fleetmatics REVEAL can help your tow-truck business save money. Here’s how:

Cut your labour costs through automated timesheets

Do your tow-truck drivers finish earlier than they tell you? Do they submit normal hours on time sheets, even when they knock of early?

If you’re relying on manual timesheets for your payroll,  you’re relying on the honesty of your individual workers to pay staff.  How do you know they’re not rounding up hours - or even innocently forgetting the hours they actually worked. You could be spending far more on labour costs than is necessary.  

GPS fleet monitoring can help by automating the timesheet process and giving you greater control. 

With time card reporting, you can verify your drivers’ exact start and finish times and pay them accordingly. 

So you can take back control and put more money into your own pocket at the end of every month.  

Choose more efficient routes and respond more effectively

The towing industry moves quickly and requires rapid responses.  

Emergency jobs are frequent, and you need to be able to quickly dispatch jobs. However, when a new job is received, how do you know who the nearest driver is to dispatch the job? Are you wasting time and losing money on fuel by dispatching emergency towing jobs to drivers who are further away, instead of drivers who are nearby the site? 

With GPS fleet management, you can quickly identify the nearest tow truck driver to dispatch the job, saving you money on fuel- efficient routes and improving your customer response times.

Eliminate fuel card abuse

If your tow-truck drivers use fuel cards, it’s important that these cards are only used to fill your company tow-trucks - not their personal vehicles. 

Unless you have reliable GPS tracking for towing businesses in place, it can be very easy for your drivers to use your company fuel cards to fill up their personal vehicle and use it after hours. You are largely in the dark.   

Fleetmatics REVEAL helps eliminate fuel card abuse. The fuel card integration feature helps you identify if the fuel pumped into the vehicle exceeded the tank of the assigned vehicle, and can even determine if your company tow-truck wasn’t even at the pump when the fuel card was used. 

So you can take control over your fuel cards and stop paying far more than you need to.

Learn more benefits of fleet tracking and find out how Fleetmatics can help your business.