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GPS Plumbing Solution Reduces Costs

August 31, 2016 by Arpana Nair

Running a plumbing business can, potentially, be quite lucrative. However, you also face a raft of financial challenges stemming from unpredictable labour costs, and the ongoing expenses that come with operating a fleet of vans.  

To improve your bottom line, you need a clear picture of what’s happening in your business, around the clock. And a GPS plumbing solution can help you get it. 

Without a reliable GPS plumbing system in place, you’re simply leaving yourself in the dark when it comes to managing two of your most significant and ongoing expenses: fuel and labour. 

For instance, if one of your staff members is on-site cleaning drains or repairing bathrooms, how do you know they’re not sitting in your company van for an hour over lunch with the engine running, wasting fuel (that you’re paying for!)? 

Or, if you have sent someone out to do a quick shower repair, or to fix some old kitchen plumbing, can you be confident that they won’t round up their hours when submitting their handwritten timesheet? 

Even a seemingly simple job can cost you more than it needs to, if your employee drives aggressively on the way to and from the job, takes the wrong route, or uses your company vehicle to run a personal errand on the way home. 

The good news is that with a GPS plumbing solution such as Fleetmatics REVEAL in place, you can help reduce your fuel costs, reduce your labour costs, stop your staff from wasting fuel, and reduce the amount of money coming out of your pocket at the end of every month. 

Here’s how:

You only pay your staff for the hours they work

If you’re using manual timesheets, you’re relying on the honesty of your staff regarding the hours they are submitting on a daily basis. 

With manual time sheets, you have no real data to prove if the hours they are submitting are true. 

If one of your plumbers finishes a job, takes an extended lunch break on his way home, and when he’s finished, submits this as his actual finishing time, you’re paying him for more than you need to. Even if your plumbers are puffing out their hours by slight increments here and there, it all adds up - and it all impacts your bottom line. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s automated time sheet reporting, allows you to verify start and finish times and what staff do throughout the day. So you can have greater accuracy when it comes to your labour costs, and put more money back into your own pocket.

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When company vehicles go home with your staff, there is always that concern they are used after hours for personal trips. 

Unless you have vehicle tracking in place, you really have no way of knowing how they use your vehicles after hours.  

Unauthorised vehicle use places extra wear and tear on your vehicles and also costs you money in extra fuel use. Across an entire fleet, these costs can very quickly become quite significant.  

Fleetmatics REVEAL can help by alerting you, in near real time, when your vehicles are used for personal use.  

Eliminate fuel card misuse

Fuel cards can also be a great way to manage your fuel expenses. However, they also come with a risk factor. Company fuel cards open up the potential for abuse and misuse. Plumbers can all too easily use the company fuel card to fill up their personal vehicle. As a business owner, this is a level of risk that you shouldn’t have to accept. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s fuel card integration helps you eliminate fuel card abuse. The fuel management system allows you to identify if the fuel pumped into a vehicle exceeds the tank of the assigned vehicle, or even if the company van wasn’t at the pump at the time the fuel card was used. 

So you can help stop abuse, and avoid waste, right across your business.

Better drivers = less costs

How much fuel are your plumbers wasting on poor driver behaviour on the road? 

If they idle excessively, or drive aggressively, they are churning through far more fuel than they need to be. Plus, the reckless driving could be putting far more extra wear and tear on your vehicles. 

One of your plumbers may, for instance, sit in their van with the engine running and the radio going, while enjoying their morning coffee and bacon and egg roll, before starting a job in the morning. This wastes valuable fuel that you, as a business owner, end up paying for. 

With Fleetmatics REVEAL, however, you can get near real time alerts and notifications when these incidents occur. So you can keep track of how your vehicles are being driven, and work towards eliminating habits that can impact your bottom line.   

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