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How GPS Can Save Electrical Businesses Money

August 31, 2016 by Arpana Nair


To increase profitability in your Electrical company, you need a clear picture of what’s happening in your business, around the clock. 

Without a reliable and efficient GPS electrical system in place, you are lacking a way of effectively controlling two of your most significant and ongoing costs: fuel and labour. 

For instance, if one of your staff members is on-site doing data cabling or an AV installation, how do you know they’re not sitting in your company vehicle for an hour over lunch with the engine running, wasting fuel (that you’re paying for!)? 

Or, if you have sent someone out to do a quick switchboard maintenance job, are you completely certain that they won’t round up their hours when submitting their manual timesheet? 

Even a job that may seem simple can cost you more than it needs to, if an employee drives aggressively on the way to and from the job, takes the wrong route, or uses your company vehicle to run a personal errand on the way home. 

The good news is that a GPS electrical solution such as Fleetmatics REVEAL can help reduce your fuel and labour costs and slash the amount of money coming out of your pocket at the end of every month. 

Here’s how Fleetmatics REVEAL can help your electrical business save money:

More accurate timesheets

Payroll expenses can very quickly add up. 

But, unless you have a GPS electrical solution in place, how do you know if the hours your electricians are submitting on their manual timesheets are, in fact, accurate? Even an extra 15-20 minutes, across an entire fleet of vans, can take its toll on your bottom line. It’s an unacceptable level of financial risk. 

Fleetmatics REVEAL can help by automating timesheetss and giving you greater control. 

The time card reporting feature for electrical businesses, allows you to verify your electricians’ start times, finish times, and what they did throughout the day. So you can start moving towards eliminating time sheet abuse, and increasing your profits. 

Less unauthorised vehicle use

Without a GPS electrical solution, the way in which your electricians use your vans can be hard to control. 

They may, for instance, run errands after hours, which wastes fuel that you’re paying for, and puts extra wear and tear on your vehicles. 

If one of your electricians has your company van and his or her personal car sitting in the driveway, it can be too easy to pick the company van (and your company fuel) to use after-hours.  

This is where Fleetmatics REVEAL can help. It alerts and notifies you, in near real time, when your vehicles are used outside working hours. 

That way, you can reduce fuel wastage and save money in your electrical business. 

Eliminate fuel card abuse

Fuel cards can also deliver a range of important benefits for electrical businesses. 

However, it’s important to stay on top of how - and when - your electricians are using them. Without verifying fuel transactions against company vans, there is potential for fuel card misuse.  

Fuel purchased on your company fuel card may be pumped into personal vehicles, or used to fill up personal jerry cans, costing you money. 

The good news is that you can help eliminate fuel card abuse with Fleetmatics REVEAL’s fuel card integration. 

You can identify if the fuel pumped into a vehicle exceeded the tank of the assigned vehicle, or even if the company van wasn’t at the pump at the time the fuel card was used. So, you can stop abuse, avoid waste, and save on fuel.

Save money by improving driver performance

The way in which your electricians drive on the roads can have a major impact when it comes to the amount of fuel they use - and the (costly) wear and tear that they place on your company vehicles. 

Excessive idling, for instance, and quick acceleration or braking, can both waste significant amounts of fuel (that you’re paying for). 

For example, one of your electricians may sit in the company van with the engine running and the air-conditioning going during their lunch break. This is a waste of costly fuel.  

With Fleetmatics REVEAL, however, you can get near real time alerts and notifications when these incidents occur, helping you lower fuel costs and improve fleet safety

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