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How to Introduce GPS Vehicle Tracking to Employees

by Arpana Nair

Explaining GPS to Employees

Now that you’ve decided to implement vehicle tracking, it’s important to get your drivers and staff on board as well! One of the benefits of working for your company is having access to a company vehicle, and it is a privilege to be able to use it.  

By implementing the Fleetmatics vehicle tracking system, you can ensure that you are getting the most productivity out of the company vehicles. Our system is designed to reward hard work and eliminate bad habits that can lead to serious financial loss; your best drivers will likely embrace the system, which can help to influence other drivers who are wary about it.  


The Fleetmatics GPS system provides alerts that will allow your business to maintain a proper maintenance schedule for the vehicles. This ensures that the vehicles are up to date with oil changes, tire rotations, and all other servicing needs.  GPS tracking also helps expedite recovery of stolen vehicles and any equipment or tools on board. Because vehicles with GPS tracking are more likely to be recovered sooner, resulting in little to no loss or damages, insurance premiums are reduced as a reward for the extra safety measures.


GPS fleet tracking is invaluable as a customer service tool. With GPS, customers will no longer have the ability to lodge false complaints about overcharges.  You can back employee claims of services rendered. In addition, GPS allows your business to respond more quickly to customer needs, resulting in happier clients and additional business.


GPS tracking provides numerous benefits that help increase revenue. These include reduced fuel costs, lower insurance premiums, increased productivity, improved dispatching, and back office efficiencies. For the driver, all these benefits add to job security with a financially stable company. Saving money on fuel alone over the course of the year can potentially equal to an entire salary for one employee.

Increased revenue can also be forwarded to employees in the form of bonuses. Rewards based on data collected from GPS tracking can boost morale and help gain acceptance of the system.

Employees should know that while it may be new to your business, GPS vehicle tracking is rapidly becoming the industry standard for any business with a fleet of vehicles. Your competitors are already using GPS to maximize profitability. By not embracing this technology, you would be putting your business and employees at risk.

If you need more guidance on explaining the necessity and benefits of the Fleetmatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution to your employees, please contact Fleetmatics today.