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Is It Time To Break Up With Your GPS Supplier?

gps supplier

Check out our Valentines Day checklist to find out if it’s time for you to move on! 

1. Is the honeymoon period over?

Has the I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off honeymoon phase ended with your current GPS supplier? When you showed first signs of interest, your vehicle tracking provider...

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How Tracking Solutions Can Help Owners Save On Fleet Insurance Costs

fleet insurance

For companies that employ fleets of vehicles, telematics can be a money saver in several ways. Tracking software contributes to safer drivers, easier recovery of lost assets, better monitored – and therefore often less expensive to maintain – vehicles, fuel savings and other cost efficiencies. But one of the most important savings that fleet...

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How Driver Management Software Enhances Driver Performance


Fleet managers know that their profitability is directly tied to their drivers. A fast, efficient fleet is a profitable fleet. Likewise, a fleet with drivers who engage in unsafe driving habits, lag behind on their routes or get bogged down with tasks like waiting for a broken-down vehicle to be repaired because it wasn’t taken for proper maintenance...

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