Residential Scaffold
Residential Scaffolding
“You can track your fleet and stay on top of everyone’s movements from your office, home or mobile phone. I recommended Fleetmatics to one of my friends, and he recommended it to one of his friends, It’s become a vital part of all our business operations and efficiencies."
Craig French

Residential Scaffold’s Savings Soar up to $5000 Monthly

Residential Scaffold installed Fleetmatics REVEAL on its fleet of vehicles and the company estimates that it is saving been $2000 - $5000 a month.

Driving around the South-East corner of Queensland you will likely come across several thousand tonnes of scaffolding supporting the development of countless residential and commercial projects. The company making a lot of this happen is Residential Scaffold. Made up of a team of 80 employees working with a fleet of 11 vehicles, Residential Scaffold is proudly responsible for the hire, delivery, pick up, erection and dismantling of scaffolding in the area. With over 50 years of combined experience in the scaffold industry, the company has experienced significant success since it started, and is currently going through an exciting period of growth. However, any business owner knows that as a business grows, so too can the challenges it faces. 

According to Craig, operations director of Residential Scaffold, when he put more vehicles on the road it made communication between drivers and management harder to maintain. “As we grew, communication with our drivers broke down,” says Craig. “It was impossible to know where everyone was at all times.” Craig’s drivers were showing up late and, in some cases, missing jobs altogether, which was leading to increasing numbers of customer complaints. With no real-time insight into his drivers’ whereabouts, it made handling customer complaints difficult. It was crucial for Residential Scaffold to navigate their way through this problem as customer satisfaction is paramount to the business.

Craig set about looking for a solution. He implemented the GPS fleet vehicle tracking solution Fleetmatics REVEAL for its easy-to-use functionality and features. “REVEAL has allowed us to hone in on GPS tracking and know where our vehicles are at any time,” says Craig. REVEAL has given Craig real-time visibility of his employees’ location, and now with vehicle tracking his employees are completing their jobs quickly and on-time. Their accounting team can also verify customer invoices against accurate data, which has saved Residential Scaffold money. Craig estimates Residential Scaffold is saving between $2000 and $5000 per month as his drivers are responding to job alerts, getting to customers faster and providing more accurate delivery estimates.   

Improving the accountability of Craig’s field workers has also seen a reduced number of customer complaints. “From a management point of view it has improved delivery times and dispatch,” says Craig. “Jobs are ready to go on time in the morning; the yard guys know when to be ready for their trucks. Our vehicles are loading and unloading faster in the yard because they all know where they need to be at what time.” Further to that, with his drivers getting to jobs much faster, customer satisfaction is back on track, and Craig is seeing less complaints.  

Craig is very satisfied with Fleetmatics REVEAL and is impressed with its features. “You can track your fleet and stay on top of everyone’s movements from your office, home or mobile phone.” Craig is so satisfied with the platform; he’s sharing the news with his friends. “I recommended Fleetmatics to one of my friends in Mackay, and he recommended it to one of his friends in Townsville,” says Craig. “It’s become a vital part of all our business operations and efficiencies.”

Residential Scaffold
Residential Scaffolding

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