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"Now our staff can concentrate on work that is more beneficial to the business."
Carl Napper

Formway Group Reduces Labour Costs

Sorting out the hours field technicians had worked, was proving a drain on Formway’s company resources. Administration time was wasted on manually verifying overtime hours. Discrepancy with staff time sheets were causing disputes with employees. Formway were looking for a solution to accurately verify completion times and improve productivity. Formway soon implemented Fleetmatics, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency.

Productivity Goes Up. While Labour Costs Go Down!

Once they could track their vehicles using Fleetmatics REVEAL, Formway saw their timesheet troubles disappear.

“We were wasting too much time”, says Carl, describing their former timesheet issues. “…with Fleetmatics you can see it within a minute. Now our staff can concentrate on work that is more beneficial to the business.”

This led to lower fleet labour costs and a large increase in productivity.

Big Fuel Savings.

After implementing the Fleetmatics platform, the Formway Group reduced their high fuel bills by 5-10% across the company. “Fuel is a big thing,” says Carl. “It’s a lot of money we spend a year.”

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s GPS tracking system provides field workers with shorter routes that decrease mileage and consequently, fuel.

Carl can now monitor and ultimately reduce excessive stops, speeding and idling times. “Some guys had excessive idling, which is a waster of fuel,” explains Carl.

Using Fleetmatics REVEAL has resulted in a reduced carbon footprint, which supports the company’s environmental accreditation.

By learning how their vehicles were used, the Formway Group was able to prevent theft at the same time. We don’t want people leaving cars running with keys in it for three hours a day,” explains Carl. “After all, how easy is it to steal an unattended vehicle with the keys left inside?”

Better Customer Service.

Now Formway can give customers accurate estimates on job completion times, helping clients meet their deadlines. For example, one client has a 99.5% on time performance expectation. By tracking the vehicles, Fleetmatics can keep this client on target.

Having reliable data also resolves any customer complaints quickly. If a client says, ‘Your guy wasn’t there at the set time,’ Fleetmatics data allows Formway to check that within seconds.

Fleetmatics’ fleet management system has been integral to Formway’s current success. Tracking their vehicles and streamlining their systems has resulted in increased productivity, lowered fuel expenses, and reduced labour costs.

Formway Group
Formway Group

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