PRV Locksmith
PRV Locksmiths
"I can’t stress out how beneficial it is to my business. My advice to others would be just to dive in and do it!”
Mark Deans

Fleetmatics Unlocks the Business Potential for PRV Locksmiths and Saves Thousands

A Leading Solutions Provider Requires a Solution for Themselves

PRV Locksmiths are one of Sydney’s leading commercial, automotive, domestic and 24 hour Locksmith Companies. No matter what customers’ require, from retrieving keys in locked cars, increasing home security or a creating a master key system for an organisation, PRV Locksmiths can provide the solution. However there was one key solution Mark Deans, Director of PRV Locksmiths missed, a mobile business management software system for his busy field teams to use.

We were using a system designed for a locksmith company however it wasn’t mobile which is what we needed. We were relying on our field teams to fill out job books and provide us this information upon completion. Sometimes we wouldn’t see them for a couple of weeks and that can be damaging to a business’s cash flow. This was damaging as it would cripple our ability to invoice. After 18 months – 2 years of pent up frustration due to not being able to get important job information back to the office it became apparent changes needed to be made,” said Mark.

Savings, the Size of a Salary

Mark began his search and trialled several different programs before finding Fleetmatics. After thorough research and a demonstration, Mark committed to Fleetmatics WORK and has never looked back.

Implementing Fleetmatics’ business management software has saved PRV Locksmith the equivalent of a full time Office Manager salary, up to $61,000 in savings. The Fleetmatics solution has streamlined the entire business operation enabling smooth job dispatch to fieldworkers, time and cost savings with fewer phone calls and co-ordination driving business efficiencies.

The Customer Portal Is One in a Million

Cost savings were only one advantage for PRV Locksmiths. Following the implementation of Fleetmatics, the company joined a tender to secure a $1 million contract. Due to the benefits of the customer portal engine, within the Fleetmatics solution, PRV Locksmiths was awarded the contract, as the customer portal was seen as a key differentiator.    

Mark also saw the benefits of having a cloud based solution and made the decision to move away from company servers. “Every few years we would have a server crash that sent our business into chaos,” admitted Mark. “Everything we do now is in the cloud. We use Gmail for our company emails, Xero for our accounting and Fleetmatics for job management. Now when a computer dies in the office we have another up and running in 20 mins and all it needs is an internet connection. I can’t stress how beneficial it is to my business to have Fleetmatics WORK as our business management solution, so I can’t see how it wouldn’t be beneficial to similar businesses. My advice to others would be to dive in and do it!

PRV Locksmiths
PRV Locksmiths

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