Australian Care Support Network
"An online system and capturing live data has mulitple advantages, we save in admin costs, have OH&S visibility and most importantly we can log job sheets, review schedules, upload job documentation and job progress from the field."
Tony Hale

Cloud Tech Helps Job Management Business Support National Charity and Double Job Requests

A Leading National Charity Tender Provides Inspiration For New Beginnings

The Gold Coast branch of a leading national charity delivers a number of home maintenance services to local residents that qualify for HACC funding. The process includes the organisation collecting thousands of enquiries from customers to perform gardening or electrical jobs, scheduling those jobs with contractors, and then invoicing the Government back for the services delivered.

It was a large job and as the system grew, it was obvious a partner was required to help manage the business. The tender was complex and required a lot of ground-work, but for Tony Hale, it was the inspiration for establishing his new company, Australian Care Support Network (ACSN) with his wife, Nicki.

Wanting to Be Organised From the Start A Capable Job Management System Was Required

Tony Hale founded ACSN after selling his 100 employee strong communications company in the UK and moving out to Australia. Despite the Hales having zero experience in home care, their background in managing high volumes of jobs for a field-based business, got them the contract. As a newly formed business, ACSN needed to find and deploy a capable job management system that would handle tracking, booking, scheduling and then invoicing a large number of jobs for a multiple-user base. 

"We needed a platform that would handle high volumes of enquires, but that could also incorporate custom processes and criteria," said Tony. "The charity required us to abide by strict reporting and audit requirements, so we had to make sure we could accommodate for this too."  To support ACSN, Tony and IT consultant Steve Voegt of CB Data, deployed a hybrid version of Fleetmatics' online WORK platform so ACSN could handle each stage of the maintenance request from the enquiry, right through to invoicing, on a large-scale.

"By building a custom platform we were able to tailor reports and job sheets for the client as well as create portals that were integrated within the client’s business system so they could directly access invoices," said Tony. "We were also able to develop automated processes that booked repeat jobs on behalf of the customer – a critical part of the job cycle."

Customisation Increases Sales and Enables Them to Give Back

The easy re-booking process meant a huge amount of pressure was taken off the client’s call centres for repeat jobs, which ultimately helped the organisation see a 40% increase in sales. The system has also seen the business significantly increase jobs. 

Since ACSN has taken on the management of the business and implemented Fleetmatics WORK, mows have increased 33%, from 800-1200, per month. Lawn tidies have increased 80%, from 20-100 a month.

Ability to Work Remotely Encourages Geographical Expansion

But the benefits don’t just stop there. Contractors can work remotely, resulting in the company being able to expand into a wider geographical area. Additionally, Tony can forecast jobs in advance and thus, work schedules and revenue pipelines. Contractor fraud is also made more difficult, as ACSN handle the invoicing and incorrect bills are eliminated if they don’t match up with the initial job request. 

"An online system and capturing live data has multiple advantages," said Tony. "We save in admin costs, we have OH&S visibility and most importantly, we can log job sheets, review schedules, upload job documentation and job progress, from the field. Plus, we reduce paperwork and bits of important information aren't left on scrap pieces of paper!"

Australian Care Support Network

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