Superior Fire Systems
Superior Fire Systems
“We no longer have office staff and technicians using their time putting together paperwork or documents. It’s now all sent straight to them via Fleetmatics WORK. Instant invoicing and instant follow up; it’s great!”
Joey Agostino

Fleetmatics Lights a Path to Success for Superior Fire Systems

Once Burned, Twice Shy

Superior Fire Systems, established in 1991, is one of the largest independent fire companies in Sydney, with operations extending throughout New South Wales. It specialises in all forms of essential fire services from initial design, supply and installation, to long term maintenance and certification. Joey Agostino joined Superior Fire Systems in April 2014 and recognised an opportunity to implement an intuitive business management system that would help drive productivity.

The company had previously tried migrating to a business and job management program, however, they were sceptical as their previous experience was “expensive and arduous.” Management’s directions were simple, “If you can find something that isn’t going to take up too much time and send us broke in the process, go for it.

Leaving Money On The Table

It was something I knew we could improve upon with a fully operated cloud based system,” said Joey. “Originally everything was written on a whiteboard and had a paper trail. We relied a lot on our technicians coming into the office to drop off reports and invoices. That meant our technicians were off the road for longer periods of time than we would prefer. It also meant reports took a back seat along with our ability to invoice for the job.

Upon reviewing the underlying issues with the existing process, it became apparent that getting reports back was a key concern for the company. Clients were not going to pay until they had seen their service reports, resulting in lost or delayed revenue and affecting profitability. Streamlining the job management and invoicing process was essential to overcome this difficulty, and was a mandatory requirement of the platform the company would adopt.

Turning A Bad Experience Into A Good One

Fleetmatics WORK is the cloud-based platform Joey and his team at Superior Fire Services chose to adopt in order to quickly and accurately bill clients when the work is complete. They can invoice directly from Fleetmatics WORK, see any completed jobs that have not been invoiced yet, and collect credit card payments online right from the invoice to the customer.

When it comes to invoicing, and you realise you have upwards of ten to twelve thousand dollars outstanding due to technicians not delivering reports and you haven’t chased up on this work. That’s when I knew we needed to make a change,” added Joey.

Since the implementation of Fleetmatics WORK, business has “improved tremendously” for Superior Fire Systems.

We no longer have office staff using their time putting together paperwork or documents and our technicians are no longer losing time coming into the office to drop off and pick up documents. It’s now all done on the computer and sent straight to them via Fleetmatics WORK. Instant invoicing and instant follow up, exactly what our business needed.

Superior Fire Systems
Superior Fire Systems

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