What Does A Fleet Manager Do?

Posted by Arpana Nair

For any company with a fleet, vehicles are expensive assets. Not only are they expensive to purchase, but also then you need to insure the vehicles, pay fuel costs, and maintain and service your vehicles. With so much of your company’s time and money wrapped up in vehicles, it can be helpful to hire a fleet manager – someone who will work to make sure your fleet is running smoothly and efficiently. 

Part of a fleet manager’s role is to cut fuel costs. A fleet manager will identify fuel wasting practices and causes for high fuel consumption. Time spent idling the vehicle, hard accelerations, hard cornering, and sudden breaking all lead to high fuel consumption. With Fleetmatics REVEAL, fleet managers receive real-time notifications and alerts when vehicles are driving inefficiently, such as idling excessively, so they can fix the problems right away and help stop fuel-wasting habits. 

Part of cutting costs is staying on top of fleet maintenance to ensure your vehicles run smoothly. With the cost of vehicles being so high, it’s important for vehicles to stay on the road as long as possible by keeping track of mileage and service for vehicles. Fleetmatics REVEAL provides reminders and automatic alerts when vehicles are due for service. Fleet managers can plan ahead by tracking past services and setting alerts to remind them of mechanic service needs by date, vehicle mileage, or hours of use. By staying on top of maintenance, your fleet manager keeps your vehicles running at peak performance and can catch small fixes before they become large problems.

Your fleet manager will help reduce risks with safety management. The fleet manager will be responsible for making sure your drivers comply with regulatory requirements and improve safety on the road. For example, speeding and hard cornering aren’t just fuel-wasters - they can cause accidents with other drivers on the road, too. A fleet manager will make sure your drivers are safe and smart on the road, for themselves and for those around them.

When your business counts on your fleet, it’s helpful to have a fleet manager to keep things running smoothly. From tracking and reducing costs, to maintaining vehicles and improving driver safety, your fleet manager will make sure your vehicles remain one of your greatest assets. 

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