Posted by Arpana Nair

There are two main categories of tracking and management solutions for your fleet – a handheld solution and a real-time vehicle based solution. A handheld solution, such as a mobile phone or PDA, uses mobile towers to pinpoint location. It travels with the user. Real-time vehicle based solutions use GPS satellite location signals to pinpoint your location. It’s wired into or under the dash of vehicles, and it transmits frequently over the cellular data network. If you want to integrate GPS tracking for your fleet, the most efficient and effective method is a real-time, vehicle-based solution, like Fleetmatics.

Real-time gps vehicle tracking solutions provide accurate and timely data. Location is pinpointed using GPS satellite positioning. It transmits regularly to the system, continually collecting and storing data. A handheld system, however, uses cellular towers to find your location, which requires you to be within range. Losing signal or battery power (or having the device intentionally turned off!) results in a loss of reporting and recording of data, meaning you can’t even collect the data later once the phone is back on the charger. 

Vehicle-based GPS tracking, like Fleetmatics, is reliable because it is constantly transmitting data and cannot be tampered with. This system is installed right into your fleet of vehicles. Wherever the vehicle goes, the system is reporting. But with a handheld device, employees can turn off the device when they don’t want you knowing where they are going. How do you know they aren’t using your company vehicle for personal errands during work hours? 

GPS tracking is great for knowing where your vehicles and employees are, but a vehicle-based solution like Fleetmatics can do so much more. Get real-time alerts on vehicle activity, including speeding, idling, and start and finish times. See how your drivers are performing by reviewing hard stops, quick starts, and hard cornering, along with idling time and speeding, all habits that waste fuel and increase your costs. And with real-time alerts sent right to your phone, you can help stop bad driving habits as they happen. A handheld GPS system doesn’t have this capability at all. There is no direct link to the vehicle, so it gives you limited, inaccurate location information.

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