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Posted by Andrew Mead

It goes without saying that the two most important assets in your business are your people and your vehicles. Keeping track of these vital assets, however, is easier said than done. How do you really know how well your drivers are performing, where your vehicles are at all times and whether your fleet is safe?

With fleet tracking, that’s how. The Fleetmatics solution can provide you with this information – and more – with ease, whenever and wherever you want it.  

Extra peace of mind

Fleet tracking allows you to monitor your drivers' speed and your vehicles’ locations to help improve overall fleet security. With Fleetmatics, you’ll get a clear picture of your entire fleet, making it possible to help:

  • Curb unsafe driving habits before they lead to more serious issues
  • Quickly locate  stolen fleet vehicles
  • Reduce unauthorised fleet vehicle use
  • Reduce speeding to lower the risk of accidents
  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the location of field technicians

Reducing speed, boosting safety and reducing liability

With the Fleetmatics REVEAL safety dashboard, you get statistics on speeding violations, alongside information on harsh driving events such as quick starts, hard braking, and sharp cornering. You even have the option to configure alerts for these events so you and your team can be informed as soon as they happen. Your drivers are then rated and given a safety score based on these stats which can be used to incentivise safer driving and encourage friendly competition across your fleet. 

Heard enough? Demo Fleetmatics REVEAL today.

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