Fleet Fuel Cost Trends

Posted by Arpana Nair

You see it every week at the pump – fuel costs fluctuate, and are on the rise. World economics and supply and demand are always shifting. There are also local factors, such as insurance, loss, and land transport from wharfs. Don’t forget, the government wants a piece of the pie, and then the stations need to make a profit too.  As a fleet business owner, this can be a nightmare. You can’t count on what your fuel costs will be next week, let alone a month from now. You have no control over fuel costs, and with the constant fluctuating price, you have unreliable fuel forecasting. You need to find other ways to save on fuel.

Fuel card integration with Fleetmatics REVEAL allows you to save on fleet fuel costs and increase your bottom line. With fuel card integration, you’ll have visibility of fuel usage for your fleet of vehicles. Identify which vehicles are running efficiently. Help eliminate fuel theft - discover incidents when a vehicle was not at the pump when the fuel card was used. By identifying which vehicles are running smoothly and seeing where every fuel dollar is going, you’ll be able to save on your fuel costs.

It’s also important to identify driving behaviours that lead to waste and high fuel consumption. Idling and hard starts waste fuel, but so does speeding and hard cornering. And do you know where your vehicles are after hours? Watch out for unauthorised use of your vehicles. You may be paying the fuel costs for your employees to be running personal errands.  

Improve driving behaviour and turn it into fuel savings. Educate your drivers on techniques that waste fuel and encourage them to practice fuel-saving habits. Drivers often are unaware of their bad driving habits, and that’s where Fleetmatics real-time notifications can help. Receive alerts for poor driving habits as they happen, so they can be fixed immediately. With the ability to review and rank your fleet’s driving behaviour, you can then create incentives for drivers who are able to improve their ranking. By improving driving habits, you can increase efficiency and cut down on fleet fuel costs. 

Fuel costs are constantly shifting due to both global and local factors. You may not know what fuel is going to cost in a week, but you can still save on fuel. Instead of worrying about how to budget for fuel, learn how to manage your fleet’s fuel consumption with Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking solution. Monitor current usage, identify areas for improvement, and then implement changes. You can do all of this with Fleetmatics REVEAL and save on fuel costs week after week. And that’s something you can count on. 

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