Going Green

Posted by Anna Cridland

Today, sustainability is a vital part of doing business. As well as helping reduce your business’ carbon footprint, embracing more sustainable business practices can also have a very positive impact on your bottom line. 

However, when it comes to “going green”, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. What systems and processes will get the best results? What areas are the most important to address? And who can help? 

For years, the team at Fleematics has been helping field service businesses to operate more efficiently and sustainably. Our leading field service management software can help you cut paper wastage, reduce your energy consumption, eliminate fuel wastage, and help your people work smarter and more effectively - all of which can help you save precious time and money. 

Here’s how: 
We help eliminate the paper trail 

The cost of everyday items such as paper, printing ink, folders and files can quickly add up - particularly when coupled with the ongoing leasing and maintenance costs of hardware like printers and copiers. 

As well as the financial outlay associated with the the materials and equipment, you also need to allocate valuable office space to housing stationery and bulky equipment. Then, of course, there’s the ongoing energy use associated with company-wide (and potentially unnecessary) printing and copying, and the emissions generated when much of this physical material ends up in landfill.   

However, by investing in cloud-based field service management software, you can help turn the dream of having a paperless office into a reality. As well as cutting your energy use, you can also cull your ongoing expenses. Plus, by providing your people with more efficient and straightforward access to information, you can help them work faster and more effectively - eradicating the inefficiencies associated with searching for files, re-creating lost data, duplicating information and printing/photocopying weighty documents. 

We automate time-consuming manual processes

With a Fleetmatics field service management solution you can also eliminate the time-consuming manual paperwork that workers need to complete when they are out in the field - such as timesheets, work orders and job details. 

By providing your staff with tablets and smartphones, they can access and complete the information they need in real-time. They can also communicate far more easily with head office. This means considerable time and cost savings, and cutting paper waste across your business. Your workers can even issue invoices while on-site via their tablet or smartphone, meaning far less paper waste, and far more efficient, accurate auditable ways of working. 

We help your drivers find their way  

When your people are out in the field, do you know how efficiently they are traveling to their destination? Are they necessarily taking the energy-efficient (and eco-friendly) route from A to B? Or are they potentially wasting valuable company fuel (that you are paying for!)?         

By investing in field service management software, and taking your routing and scheduling management into the digital realm, you can help ensure that your people are operating in the most efficient way possible. By giving your drivers the routing information they need  - when they need it - you can help eliminate redundancies, reduce wear on your fleet, and potentially, even improve the timeliness of your team’s customer service. 

Also, an electronic system means that your dispatchers and schedulers can stop creating route sheets by hand, and will be able to adjust routes in real-time. More streamlined dispatching will help keep your drivers from taking unnecessarily complicated routes, or doubling back over the same route. This means your people will spend less time driving, and more time working. Just imagine the positive impact this could have when it comes to fuel, labour, and CO2 output. 

We help you save fuel 

When you own and operate a fleet, your fuel consumption can be a very hefty burden - both in terms of your carbon footprint and your bottom line. However, with the right software in place, you can easily eradicate fuel wastage, and subsequently, reduce your emissions. 

With the help of your field service management software, you can identify when and where your people are filling up their vehicles. This means you can more easily prevent fuel card abuse (where your company fuel cards are used to fill personal vehicles), as well as check to be sure that only the required amount of fuel is being purchased. 

When you have greater visibility into your fleet, you can also focus on identifying and cutting down on poor driving habits. Encouraging your drivers to drive calmly and consistently (avoiding rapid braking or accelerating) will help save you money on fuel and ongoing maintenance costs.

Our software can also provide you with timely and accurate reminders regarding the maintenance of your vehicles. Regularly maintaining your vehicles, by keeping air filters clean and the engines properly tuned, can also reduce drag and slow down fuel usage.

Did you know…?
According to fueleconomy.gov, simply keeping your tires at the right pressure can cut the fuel consumption in a single vehicle by up to 3.3%?
Being aware of your business’ environmental impact - and the potential cost implications - can be a very valuable exercise. Tracking your carbon footprint makes sense from a sustainability perspective, can be positive PR (if you’re performing well), and can also help you prepare for any possible future auditing requirements.  

Actively tracking your footprint also means you can see the impact your business is having on the world around you, and see the correlation between your fuel costs and your business expenses. 

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