Did You Know That GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Automate Time Sheets And Payroll?

Posted by Arpana Nair

Automate Time Sheets and Payroll 

A majority of businesses with vehicle fleets rely on manual timesheets to determine payroll. A manual system often opens the door to inaccuracies and falsification of work hours. 

By automating payroll, business owners can ensure their employees are paid accurately for actual work done. Many GPS systems track the time when a vehicle starts for the first time during the day, and when a vehicle shuts down for the day. This provides an accurate, automated record of how long an employee worked. In addition, shutoff and start-up times during the day can be used to record accurate time spent for lunches and breaks. 

Reputable GPS providers include extensive vehicle management reporting functionality that compiles this information in an easy format that can be used as an electronic timesheet. Integrating this information into back office applications will further increase business efficiencies and reduce administrative costs. In addition, accurate and automated payroll can help eliminate payroll disputes.

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