The benefits of better workforce management

Posted by Andrew Mead

With timesheets, fuel costs, driver safety, scheduling, and lots, lots more to contend with, it is fair to say that running a business is never easy. There are, however, plenty of workforce management tips, tools and solutions that can go a long way to making it easier. Here are our top three benefits of implementing such as solution. 

Automate your timesheets

This helps you to quickly and easily monitor start and finish times, actual hours worked and average daily and weekly totals. Not only does this help you better detect issues such as prolonged breaks and reduce unnecessary overtime, but it also makes billing a breeze, by removing the need to manually match jobs to individual timesheets.

Reduce fuel costs

Of course, fuel is a necessity for all businesses, but that is not to say that the costs associated with it can't be reduced. Some workforce management solutions, like fleet tracking systems, can help to increase fuel efficiency by identifying where in your fleet there is room for improvement. 
As soon as you know where the fuel is slipping through the cracks, you start to take appropriate steps to reduce wastage and bring down costs. 

Know how your drivers are driving

Monitoring your drivers' speed and your vehicles’ locations helps to give you a complete picture of your fleet, improve security and make it easier to spot unsafe or inefficient driving habits, recover stolen vehicles, and respond quickly to any emergency situations should they arise. 

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