3 Quick Fire Productivity Tips

Posted by Andrew Mead

Running a business – or even a department – can be extremely hectic. There’s always another task that needs your attention or another problem to solve – while your to-do list shows no signs of getting any smaller. To help you get a handle on your busy schedule here are three quick-fire productivity tips to keep you on top of the working week…

Block out your time

This is a very simple trick to help stay focused when making your way down your to-do list. Simply allocate a block of time to each task, and work on nothing else during that time – no phone, no email, no distractions. Of course, you can’t ignore your inbox all day, so be sure to block out some time to check your correspondence too!

Start your Monday on a Friday

For most of us, Monday mornings are the most stressful time of the week. There’s a whole host of tasks that need doing first thing – it only takes for a couple of them to go awry, and before you know it, you’re behind schedule for the rest of the week. That’s why it pays to get a head start on Monday by starting it on a Friday. 

Firstly, allocate some time every Friday afternoon to review the week – what worked, what didn’t, and so on. You can use this insight to help plan your following week – perhaps you should have delegated a certain task, or started something earlier, for example. By scheduling your week on a Friday, you can get started straight away when Monday rolls around again, having learned the lessons from the week before. 

Switch off

OK so switching off from work may not sound like the best way to stay productive, but the more we can relax in our downtime, the more productive we are when we’re back at our desks. When we take our work home with us, we deplete our cognitive and emotional resources meaning we go back to work feeling drained. However, if we are able to spend some time every evening relaxing, we are more likely to return to working with more focus and energy – which can only help to boost productivity.

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